Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities


Progressive Textiles has a large portfolio of 400 looms including Auto and Sulzer fitted with auxiliary equipments to produce from 1/1 plain to dobbies, jacquards and seersucker. We have a capacity to produce heavy fabrics on our reinforced machines upto 400 gsm.

Weaving Unit Weaving Unit


Progressive Textiles has it's own Bleaching, Reactive Dyeing, Pigment dyeing and Printing setup. For efficient processing and finishing home textiles plant ensure optimum quality standards at all levels. The chemicals used in all processes are European based and are Oeko-tex certified.

Dyeing Unit Printing Unit


Progressive Textiles have fully equipped stitching unit with more than 300 machines including single needle, safety, double needle and four needle machines. For garments, we have special cutters, button/snap machines and special folders. For industrial identification we have arrangements of heat transfer logo machines. Our skilled team is producing Bed Linen, Kitchen Linen as well as institutional linen & Garments.


Quality Control

The Quality Assurance Department approves only the finest yarns in every warp and weft and then supervises the accuracy and mending of loom state fabric, so that only the A Grade fabric is processed.

Mending Lab

Power Generation

Progressive Textiles has in-house backup power of 2 MW to over come the power shortage in Pakistan.