Healthcare Linen

At Progressive Textiles, we transform our textiles into products that can help to elevate your health care experience. Constructed from superior quality yarns, our health care products are perfectly blended with fine polyester and cotton according to your requirements. Our Health care linen have heavy weave durability, perfectly fit and comfortable for patients. Our fabric is tested for toxic substances which are fatal for health. We manufacture:

  • Pigment Dyed and Vat Dyed Fabric
  • Pigment Printed Fabrics
  • Hospital Sheets and Pillows
  •   With Vat dyed color stripes in both selvedge
      With Vat dyed color thread in both selvedge
      With woven Inscription/Printed Inscriptions
  • Hydrogen Bleached White Fabric (Sanforized)
  • Cold Bleached White Fabric (Sanforized)
  • Thermofixed Fabrics upto 210°C
  • Bolster Covers
  • Quilt Cover and Pillow with Bow stitching
  • Draw Sheets
  • Scrub Suits
  • Patient Gowns
  •   White Dyed and Printed with laces & snaps
  • Operation Gowns
  • Nurses Uniform
  • Doctor's Coat
  • Baby Diapers
  • Stature sheets
  • Other Health Care linen upon demand.

Hospital Sheets

Woven Inscription

Patient's Gown